Taxation of Sugary Drinks

"Excessive sugary drink consumption costs Canadians hundreds of millions of dollars each year and is killing thousands. It is time to tax this product in order to make it pay its way and to nudge Canadians towards healthier beverage choices."

Dr.Tom Warshawski, Pediatrician and Chair, Childhood Healthy Living Foundation

Research by the University of Waterloo commissioned by leading health organizations reveals an excise levy on companies that produce sugary drinks would go far in reducing death, disability, and health care costs. This adds to the growing body of international evidence that supports the health and economic benefits of a sugary drink levy.

A sugary drink tax in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has introduced a tax on sugar sweetened beverages with the goal of encouraging residents to make healthier beverage choices. This initiative aligns with recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Canadian Healthy Eating Strategy, Canada’s Food Guide and the position statement from the Canadian Paediatric Society which is supported by the Dietitians of Canada, the Childhood Healthy Living Foundation (formerly the Childhood Obesity Foundation), Diabetes Canada, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

The WHO Recommendation

The World Health Oganization (WHO) is also calling on countries to tax sugar-sweetened beverages to save lives.

The World Health Organization released their first-ever global tax manual for sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). The WHO manual highlights the experiences of countries who have successfully implemented the tax, including Mexico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.