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In the News

Please note that media requests for Dr. Tom Warshawski, Pediatrician and Chair of the Childhood Healthy Living Foundation (CHLF), can be made by texting or emailing the CHLF at the number/email address at the bottom of the page.

June 2023

Dr. Warshawski is interviewed by Global News regarding a new study, funded by Heart and Stroke, that evaluated the impact various marketing techniques have on Canadian pre-teens and how they influence their intention to eat or buy products themselves or pester their parents to do so.

April 2023

Dr. Warshawski comments on CBC’s The Current regarding the need to restrict food advertising primarily directed at children. (Scroll to the bottom of the transcript for the interview).

September 2022

Dr. Warshawski comments on CTV News regarding the new sugary drink tax in Newfoundland and Labrador.

July 2021

Opinion- Help our post-pandemic health by ending food marketing to children – by Chantal Peticlerc and Dr. Tom Warshawski, contributors, Toronto Star.

June 2021

Dr. Warshawski is interviewed on CBC Radio’s Maritime Connection with Preston Mulligan regarding Newfoundland and Labrador’s proposed tax on sugary drinks.

December 2020

Dr. Warshawski is interviewed for an article by Postmedia’s regarding childhood obesity.

October 2020

An op-ed from Dr. Tom Warshawski and Manuel Arango, co-chairs of the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition, on the need for the government to finish commitments to marketing to kids restrictions and front-of-package nutrition labelling was published in the Toronto Star. Please see the op-ed in the Toronto Star. A French version appeared in HuffPost Quebec

February 2020

Dr. Warshawski speaks with BC media regarding the Government of BC’s move to eliminate the exemption of the provincial sales tax on sweetened, carbonated beverages:

CBC News  Why BC is now taxing sugary drinks

Tri-City News BC’s soda drink tax will help kids lose weight, improve health says doctor

Press Release: Making sugary drinks pay their way – Government of British Columbia takes a step forward for health

January 2020

Dr. Warshawski is interviewed by local media throughout BC regarding the Generation Health program, including:

Tri-City News Eat right, get active – and do it as a family with Coquitlam program

Goldstream Gazette  Free 10-week health program for families comes to West Shore Parks and Rec

Dr. Warshawski speaks with CKNW radio regarding the Generation Health program.

October 2019

CBC Radio’s Cost of Living deconstructs the rise and fall of Bill S-228, a bill to restrict the marketing of foods and beverages high in sugar, salt and saturated fat to children 12 and under. Dr Warshawski is interviewed. Listen here.

Dr. Warshawski is interviewed on CBC’s The Current regarding childhood obesity in Canada.

June 2019

Dr. Warshawski speaks to Global News regarding Bill S-228. Bill banning junk food ads to kids may die in the Senate. 

Dr. Warshawski speaks on Ontario Morning at CBC Radio regarding the coalition of Canadian doctors calling on senators to pass Bill S-228

May 2019

CBC News: Dr. Warshawski speaks with Kelly Crowe regarding Bill S-228, Eleventh-hour lobbying by industry could kill law banning food marketing to kids

April 2019

The Province: Dr. Tom Warshawski and Yves Savoie: How senators can stop the marketing of junk food to kids

January 2019

Press Release: Canada’s new Food Guide will bolster efforts to curb Canada’s Childhood Obesity Epidemic. January 24, 2019.

Dr. Warshawski speaks with CBC News Radio-Canada about the proposed sugary drink tax in the Northwest Territories: Should the NWT tax sweetened drinks?

December 2018

Press Release: Our children’s health must not be for sale. December 3, 2018, CNW.

Dr. Warshawski speaks with Jody Vance regarding Bill S-228 on CKNW

Ausgust 2018

Dr. Warshawski spoke with Shen Wenjie at Sing Tao Daily about Canadian children’s physical activity.