Make Water #1

Canada's Food Guide says

Drinking water is important for your health, a great way to quench your thirst and a way to stay hydrated without calories!

When you make healthy drink choices, your family and friends are more likely to make healthier drink choices as well!

Ways to Make Water #1

The best way to hydrate your body is with plain water. Here are a few tips from the Generation Health program to help make water your drink of choice.

  • Keep a jug of tap water on hand so it’s handy to pour a glass. Each time they open the fridge and see the water jug it’s a cue to have a drink. Over time drinking more water will become a habit. 
  • For a change, add a slice of lemon or lime or a few berries to a glass of tap water or sparkling water. 
  • Have milk or water with meals or snacks at home or when eating out. 
  • Discuss with family your use of sugary drinks and buy them only rarely.
  • If you do have a sugary drink when eating out, order the smallest size.
  • Make sure every family member has their own reusable water bottle and carries it with them when out and about. Be mindful of the environment and use your reusable water bottle instead of bottled water. 
  • Start slowly by switching one sugary drink with a healthier choice each day.

Think Before You Drink

Did you know that the majority of teen’s sugary drink consumption occurs at home? Sugary drinks include soft drinks, fruit juices and drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, flavoured teas, coffees and waters with added sugar, sweetened milk and milk beverages (such as chocolate or strawberry milk). 

Although fruit juice contains nutrients it is better to eat your fruit than drink it! Fruit juice contains the sugar of fruit but at higher amounts than fresh fruit since it takes many fruits to make one glass of juice. Serve whole fruit instead of juice. Encourage your child to pack and drink water with their school lunch instead of a sugary drink.